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What is Health TAPESTRY?

Health TAPESTRY brings together people, communities and health care teams.

In our program, trained volunteers visit people where they live. During these visits, they learn about what matters most to that person and their health. They also learn more about a person’s health and life goals. Key health information is passed on from clients to volunteers and is sent to each individual’s primary health care team using special technology. This helps the team learn more about that person’s life, health needs, goals and how they can better work together to achieve progress and meet needs.

A person’s health care team can include members from primary, community, specialist or hospital care. It can also include the trained Health TAPESTRY volunteers and anyone else who helps a person stay healthy.

The team is centred on the individual and anchored in primary care. The team works with that person to meet their health goals and stay healthy longer. Volunteers may visit again to check how well a person is meeting those goals. A person’s action plan and progress are shared among the health care team using technology and discussions focused on care planning. The health care team also connects with community organizations to help the person access activities and resources in their community

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