Health Care Needs/Gaps

It is important to define the problem or need you want to address with Health TAPESTRY, as it will help you identify your target population and tailor processes and tools to activate and support individuals in accessing and using the broad range of available primary health care, social, and community services. Some things to consider:

  • Develop your rationale/justification for undertaking the projects
  • Perform an environmental scan (literature, local resources)
  • Engage in community organization consultations
  • Conduct focus groups/persona scenarios to co-develop the project
  • Examine potential benefits and harms

Ensure you define a clear goal and targets for your change:

  • Be specific about goals, what/how/when you will measure, and whether you achieve it. E.g., X will be measured with Y by Z time
  • Measure current practice and the gap between that and your target
  • Identify resources that are necessary to reach your goal
  • Assess barriers and facilitators to establish why that gap exists

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