Technology Resources

This is a critical element to have in place prior to starting program implementation, but it doesn’t necessarily have to include anything new. A key piece in considering technology in your project is using the technologies that can do the jobs you need them to do. That may already be possible with technology that exists at your site.

Regardless of what you choose, some possible technology resource needs to consider are:

  • Personnel resources (e.g. IT support, developers)
  • Software resources (e.g., TAP-App and VLC specified for your site)
  • Potential for integration of software resources with local Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Hardware resources (e.g. tablets/iPads, phones)

See Integrating eHealth Technology and The Technology Planning Process for more information.

You can also consider low- or no- technology options such as:

  • Paper-based formats
  • Telephone and in-person communications

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