Getting Started ▼

The needs of every community may be slightly different, but there are some key things you can do to help prepare yourself for an implementation in any setting.

Key Players helps you to become aware of some of the most important roles needed for a successful implementation.

The Readiness Assessment is a set of questions you can ask yourself and your community to see how ready you are to get started with the Health TAPESTRY approach.

Readiness Assessment

The following are important questions to consider when designing your local Health TAPESTRY project.  It is our hope that it will spark your imagination and readiness to implement Health TAPESTRY! Follow the links throughout the questions below to learn more about any of the topic areas. We have also created a worksheet that you can download […]

Key Players

There are multiple players that come together to help create a successful Health TAPESTRY project. These may overlap, and include: A lead local organization A primary care organization A volunteer organization The Health TAPESTRY Central collaborating team. You can learn more about each of these players and their role in Health TAPESTRY by clicking on […]