Key Players

There are multiple players that come together to help create a successful Health TAPESTRY project. These may overlap, and include:

  1. A lead local organization
  2. A primary care organization
  3. A volunteer organization
  4. The Health TAPESTRY Central collaborating team.

You can learn more about each of these players and their role in Health TAPESTRY by clicking on the links below.

Role of the Lead Local Organization

Lead Local Organizations (LLOs) provide guidance and support to the implementation and on-going operation of Health TAPESTRY.  The LLO is responsible for the overall management, ongoing monitoring and rigorous oversight of the project. Lead local organizations may include: Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), community service organizations, public health, primary health care networks, hospitals, or universities/colleges. […]

Role of the Primary Care Organization

The majority of formalized health care delivery takes place in primary care settings.  The Health TAPESTRY approach uses interprofessional teams to more effectively meet the needs of our aging population through the combined use of technology, system navigation, trained community volunteers, and partnerships among primary care and community agencies/resources. Primary Care Organizations ideally become involved […]

Role of the Volunteer Organization

Connecting with a Volunteer Organization To include health care volunteers in your program, a volunteer organization  is a critical element to have in place prior to starting program implementation. Things to consider in reaching out to potential volunteer organizations: Develop a request for proposals (RFP) Leverage existing relationships with community-based services such as Meals on […]

Role of the Health TAPESTRY Central Team

The Health TAPESTRY Central Team works out of the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. The Team works to manage the Health TAPESTRY collaborative nationwide, including: Making connections with projects, sites, and organizations Guiding the development of new Health TAPESTRY projects nationwide Supporting the implementation of existing Health TAPESTRY projects Expertise […]

Role of Community Organizations

Community organizations can take on many different roles within Health TAPESTRY. They can take on the role of a Lead Local Organization, the role of the Volunteer Organization, or they can even take on their own clients, with a very similar role to a Primary Care Organization. When implementing  Health TAPESTRY, it is also important to […]