Role of the Primary Care Organization

The majority of formalized health care delivery takes place in primary care settings.  The Health TAPESTRY approach uses interprofessional teams to more effectively meet the needs of our aging population through the combined use of technology, system navigation, trained community volunteers, and partnerships among primary care and community agencies/resources.

Primary Care Organizations ideally become involved in Health TAPESTRY from the beginning, working to streamline care coordination pathways for their patients through the Health TAPESTRY approach. They will develop in-clinic workflow plans and determine the key activities the interprofessional team will need to carry out in order to best assist Health TAPESTRY clients.

During the implementation of the project, an interprofessional team will triage Health TAPESTRY reports, taking action as required based on the information provided by their patients about their own health needs and goals.

Things to Consider:

  • Who will the team members be?
  • Who will champion the project at the primary care organization?
  • How will the primary care organization dedicate time and space for the project?

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