Role of the Volunteer Organization

Connecting with a Volunteer Organization

To include health care volunteers in your program, a volunteer organization  is a critical element to have in place prior to starting program implementation. Things to consider in reaching out to potential volunteer organizations:

  • Develop a request for proposals (RFP)
  • Leverage existing relationships with community-based services such as Meals on Wheels, Victorian Order of Nurses, Canadian Red Cross, and student volunteer or placement programs.
  • Consider incorporating roles other than volunteers such as caregivers or other community service personnel such as paramedics

Role of the Volunteer Organization

In the context of Health TAPESTRY, the volunteer organization will work as an extension of the primary care team, scheduling volunteer home visits that are an essential starting point for every client’s involvement in the program.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator oversees all essential elements of the Health Tapestry Volunteer Program.  These include:

  • Recruitment, screening, retention
  • Volunteer training
  • Communication with volunteers, clients, and the primary care team
  • Scheduling volunteer home visits
  • Communication with and reporting to Lead Local Organization, Primary Care Organization, and other partners

See more detail about the Volunteer Coordinator’s role.


  • Serve as a member of the extended health care team, providing clients with a link to primary care
  • Provide a social connection
  • Gather information related to client-centred goals and needs to inform care planning
  • Share information related to primary care and other community resources

See more detail about developing and maintaining a Health TAPESTRY volunteer program.