Readiness Assessment

The following are important questions to consider when designing your local Health TAPESTRY project.  It is our hope that it will spark your imagination and readiness to implement Health TAPESTRY! Follow the links throughout the questions below to learn more about any of the topic areas.

We have also created a worksheet that you can download if you would like to make notes on each area in more detail here: Health TAPESTRY Readiness Assessment Worksheet. When you complete this worksheet, we would love to see it! Please forward a copy to

Please keep in mind that this is simply a way to gauge an initial sense of readiness for a Health TAPESTRY intervention in your community. It’s okay to say “no” to some questions – there are no right answers! Whatever your current status is, these questions will help you frame the potential project within your local context. When forwarded to the Health TAPESTRY Central Collaborative Team, it can also help us to see where we may be able to assist with your implementation.

Critical for Getting Started in Implementation

  • Have you identified the population you are focusing on for your project?
  • Have you defined what primary health care need/ gap you are addressing?
  • Do you have a lead organization that will provide guidance and support throughout the implementation of Health TAPESTRY in your community, and has the resources (e.g. budget, staffing) to do so?
  • Do you feel your organization, partner organizations, and community at large are committed to building better connections between home, community, and primary care? What is your perspective from your community setting in terms of how ready, willing, and able each element is in terms of carrying out the implementation of this project?
  • Do you have resources and supports (e.g. staffing for implementation, budget) to sustain the program through implementation?

Need to be Planned During Initial Stages of Implementation