Healthy Aging Series

The Healthy Aging Series (HAS) is an education series for older adults, delivered by members of the interprofessional team. The HAS was developed using aggregate data on health goals collected as part of a randomized control trial evaluating Health TAPESTRY1.

In the first implementation of Health TAPESTRY from 2014-2016, older adults identified personal health goals in which four themes emerged:

  • 35% were at high risk for malnutrition
  • 90% were not meeting daily activity targets for their age
  • 60% wanted to learn more about Advance Care Planning
  • Over 50% were having challenges with bowel or bladder health

The HAS was developed as one approach to address health goals and needs identified through the Health TAPESTRY reports. Below are the PowerPoint presentations that can be adapted with localized content in other participating sites:

Advance Care Planning
Bowel and Bladder Health
Fitness and Function

The workshops are flexible and allow for future areas of focus to be incorporated in response to the changing needs of clients.

You can learn more about the HAS through this publication:


1. Lamarche L, Oliver D, Cleghorn L, Werstuck MMD, Pauw G, Bauer M, Doyle L, McPhee C, O’Neill C, Guenter D, Winemaker S, White J, Price D, Dolovich, L.  (2017) Using Aggregate Data on Health Goals, Not Disease Diagnoses, to Develop and Implement a Healthy Aging Group Education Series. J Community Med Health Educ 7: 535. doi: 10.4172/2161-0711.1000535 URL: